Treebal, the ethical and eco-responsible messaging.

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Exchange with respect for people and the planet

Treebal est la première messagerie instantanée éthique et éco-responsable qui allie sobriété numérique, souveraineté et impact environnemental.

Entreprise à mission, Treebal milite pour un numérique responsable, respectueux des individus et de la planète.

Parce que réduire son impact ne suffit pas, Treebal redistribue jusqu'à la moitié de ses revenus pour financer des projets environnementaux contribuant à décarboner, préserver la biodiversité et restaurer les éco-systèmes.

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Thanks to Treebal, chat with your friends and tribes while reducing your environmental footprint. The application is eco-designed : it minimizes its impact on the environment. For example, messages are automatically deleted in order to limit the data stored. By using Treebal, you are also helping to plant trees around the world.

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Treebal Pro offers professionals an ethical and eco-responsible communication platform which makes it possible to collaborate with all of their stakeholders by committing them over the long term.
Treebal Pro embodies CSR and drives change within organizations.

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Be inspired

An eco-responsible communication medium, Treebal is the privileged information channel for committed players. Invite your tribes to follow your news on Treebal and adopt a responsible communication. News feeds to inspire and be inspired.

Why choose Treebal


Treebal has integrated the environmental dimension into all stages of its design and implementation. The functional and technological choices meet an objective of digital sobriety.


The messages you exchange are end-to-end encrypted and your data remains your data. No sharing, rental or resale of your personal information. Trust and responsibility are at the heart of our values.


Thanks to our partners, your discussions help reforest the planet. Together, we fight to preserve the environment, biodiversity and support local populations through responsible and sustainable projects.

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