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The application

What is Treebal?

Treebal is an eco-friendly messenger application that protects both the planet and its users' data. Free for the general public, Treebal contributes to reforestation projects around the world. The application is eco-designed, it integrated the environmental dimension from the start of its design in order to minimize its impact on the environment. Treebal is secure and guarantees the confidentiality of its users' data.

How is the Treebal application eco-designed?

The environmental dimension has been taken into account at all stages of the design and realization of Treebal. The functional and technical choices meet an objective of digital sobriety and use. Some examples illustrating this approach :

- messages are only kept for seven days by default ;
- ergonomics and design are optimized to guarantee accessibility and limit network bandwidth and the impact on the phone battery ;
- the content is delivered as close as possible to the end user.

What is Treebal's business model?

The Treebal app is free for the general public and chargeable for professionals. Half of the income generated is invested in reforestation projects.

New features will be offered in the future. Some, which have the greatest environmental impact, will be chargeable, which will allow more trees to be planted.

How do professionals use Treebal?

Treebal is open to professionals as part of internal corporate messaging. Companies are committed to an eco-responsible approach by creating their own tribes and involving their employees.

What do the leaves mean?

The leaves associated with your profile measure your « eco-score », which is your contribution to reforestation projects supported by Treebal. The more you use the app, the more you share it, the more you contribute and the more your number of leaves increases. To thank you for downloading the application and since this is already your first contribution to the Treebal project, we will give you 10 leaves upon your arrival.

How many leaves does it take to plant a tree?

It takes an average of 250 leaves to plant a tree.

In which countries is Treebal available?

Treebal is available in the following countries: France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Malta, Croatia, Greece and Romania. Treebal will be open to all of the European Union in October 2021 and its international deployment will continue in the coming months.

Security and data protection

Is my data protected? Do they remain confidential?

Treebal places at the heart of its values ​​the ethical and confidential management of personal data. Your data is fully secure, messages are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring the confidentiality of information passing through the application. Treebal does not rent or sell your data. The management of personal information also complies with European GDPR directives.

And technically, how is my data encrypted?

Treebal implements E2EE or End to End Encryption (End-to-end encryption) with Double Ratchet Algorithm (Double Ratchet Algorithm).
Treebal has no knowledge of encrypted messages and has no way of decrypting them (End to End Encryption).
The mathematical algorithm is explained here. And to learn more about the technical solution, you can consult this section.

I want to delete my account, what do I do?

To delete your account, go to My Account, select "Manage My Account" then "Delete My Account".

The tree planting

How does the Treebal app allow to plant trees?

Half of the income from the Treebal app is invested in reforestation projects around the world. In order to guarantee the relevance, quality and follow-up of these projects over time, from an environmental and socio-economic standpoint, we work with partners recognized for their expertise and support in the field, such as Planète Urgence and EcoTree.

Where are the trees planted?

Treebal contributes to planting trees in different countries on the basis of responsible and sustainable projects reconciling local economic development, environmental protection and preservation of biodiversity. Thus, with our partner Planète Urgence, we are planting trees in Indonesia, Cameroon and Madagascar. With our partner EcoTree, we are also planting trees in France, in Morbihan. You can find all the projects in which Treebal participates in the Reforestation section

When are the trees planted? What are the planting methods?

The timing and methods of planting trees vary depending on the species and the planting site.

As part of our partnership with Planète Urgence, the tree planting periods in Indonesia, Cameroon and Madagascar are from April to December, varying according to climatic conditions and the requirements of the different sites. The seeds grow in the nursery for 1 to 5 months (depending on the project) before being planted on the different sites.

As part of our partnership with EcoTree, on the Faouët site (Morbihan, France) trees are planted every year in winter, between November and December. The young shoots planted come from French nursery and are made up of 3 main species: Douglas-fir, chestnut and evergreen redwood.