Treebal's Mission

Connect people while protecting mankind and nature.

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Treebal, entreprise à mission

Treebal was born out of a double awareness: awareness of the climate emergency and awareness of the threat to the confidentiality of our data.

The various IPCC reports, the increase in extreme climatic phenomena, the pressure on resources, the erosion of biodiversity, all remind us of the urgency to act. And digital technology has its share of responsibility in ecological crises. A share that is increasing exponentially.

Moreover, our personal data, our private lives and our freedoms are threatened daily by the unethical use of digital technology.

Our Mission : Connect people while protecting mankind and nature.

“Entreprise à mission” since 2021, Treebal aims to offer a real alternative, both eco-responsible and ethical, to non-European messaging and social networks. Protect the planet, protect data and engage as many players as possible in the ecological transition.

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Our commitments

  • Preserve the planet: :
    • by managing the resources necessary for our activity in a reasoned and sustainable manner,
    • by making our users aware of climate issues and responsible digital best practices,
    • by actively contributing to environmental projects around the world with the aim of regenerating ecosystems.
  • Promote exchange and collaboration by allowing our users to connect simply and inclusively.
  • Defend and protect everyone's freedom and privacy by guaranteeing the confidentiality of data and respecting the right to disconnect.

Concrete actions for a more responsible and sustainable world

A kneeling man plants a tree

« At least plant a tree. »

This quote from Wangari Maathai, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Kenya’s emblematic environment minister for her fight against deforestation, was a source of strong inspiration for Treebal.

20% to 25% of greenhouse gas emissions due to human activities come from deforestation. 13 million hectares of forests are disappearing every year, threatening not only biodiversity but also the safety and health of many populations.

Treebal's ambition is to contribute, to change the world by raising awareness of the climate emergency and by participating in the protection of the environment thanks to the funding of reforestation projects. Eco-designed and respectful of its users' data, Treebal represents an eco-responsible and ethical alternative to digital communication media.